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Spring 2018 FAQ
Have more questions? Please review the information provided below, often this information will provide answers to questions you may have. If you have additional questions or questions which are not answered below please direct your inquiries to the League Registrar – Michelle Cho at

When is Online Registration open for the Spring 2018 season?
Online registration will be open from 10/16/2017 and run through 12/30/2017. William S. Hart Baseball & Softball is not responsible for errors occurred during the online registration process.

What are the benefits of early/online registration?
Online registration will offer more options for selecting a tryout time and will save you $20.00 per registrant over walk-in registration. Additionally, many of our leagues may reach capacity prior to the end of online registration. To ensure your child/children will have the opportunity to play, we recommend early online registration.

I missed Online Registration, now how do I register?
Walk –In registration will be Wednesday, 1/10/18 and Tuesday, 1/16/18, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Please note, there is an additional service fee of $20.00 per registrant for walk-in registrants to cover the additional fees associated with manual processing. Walk-in registration will be accommodated on a first come first served basis. Walk-in registration will be based on availability. Walk in registration will be with cash or credit card only. Please contact the League Registrar at for availability.

What are the fees for the Spring 2017 Season?
¬There is one Volunteer Fee per family per season in addition to the registration fees listed below:

- Shetland Spirit - $145.00 online, $165.00 walk-in
- Shetland - $210.00 online, $230.00 walk-in
- Filly (SB) - $210.00 online, $230.00 walk-in
- Pinto - $250.00 online, $270.00 walk-in
- Mini Minor (SB) - $250.00 online, $270.00 walk-in
- Mustang - $275.00 online, $295.00 walk-in
- Minor (SB) - $275.00 online, $295.00 walk-in
- Bronco - $275.00 online, $295.00 walk-in
- Junior (SB) - $275.00 online, $295.00 walk-in
- Pony - $275.00 online, $295.00 walk-in
- Senior (SB) - $275.00 online, $295.00 walk-in
- Colt - $275.00 online, $295.00 walk-in

What is the volunteer fee? Why is it required and how can I earn it back?
The volunteer fee is required to elicit greater volunteerism and parent participation with the league. It is $100 per family for the Spring season. The William S. Hart Baseball & Softball league is a non-profit organization staffed and supported by a team of dedicated volunteers. You can earn your volunteer fee back during the regular season by participating in any number of volunteer opportunities which may include working a shift in the canteen, helping out with equipment distribution, assisting with tryouts or one of many other activities. One four-hour commitment is required.
How do I know what division to register my child in?
The online registration system is set up to allow you to register your child in the division in which they are eligible for. These age placement is based on the player’s age as of 8/31/2018 for baseball and 12/31/2017 for softball. You can find a current copy of the age chart under the ‘League Info’ section of this website. Shetland Spirit, Shetland 5, Shetland 6, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco, Pony, & Colt are baseball divisions. Filly, Mini Minor, Minor, Junior & Senior are girls softball divisions.

My child is only xx years old, why does the age chart have my child playing with older children?
The League Age listed is the age your child will be on August 31, 2018. All players in each of the divisions are all within the same two-year age span.

When are tryouts?
Tryouts are scheduled for the following dates:
- Friday, January 19, 2018
- Saturday, January 20, 2018
- Sunday, January 21, 2018

Does my child have to tryout? What if my child is unable to attend tryouts or does not want to tryout?
There are NO tryouts for our Shetland Spirt, Shetland 5 and Filly Divisions. For all other divisions, it is recommended your child tryout. However, it is not necessary for any player to tryout. All confirmed registered players will be placed on a team regardless if they tryout or not. Players who do not tryout will typically be placed on a team via “hat pick” during drafts.

Where are tryouts? What field do I go to?
All tryouts will take place at the William S. Hart Baseball & Softball complex. Directions to the complex can be found under the ‘Directions’ link on the left side of this website. Softball tryouts will be running on two fields for tryouts Softball 1 (SB1) for Senior & Junior and Softball 2 (SB2) for Minor and Mini Minor. Baseball tryouts will be held on the respective field of play for the division (Shetland 6 will take place on Shetland, Pinto on Pinto, etc).

I selected a time for tryouts that I can no longer attend? Is it possible to change my selected tryout time?
You may select a different tryout time based on availability. However, the deadline to change any tryout time will be the close of online registration at 12/30/17. No changes will be permitted after this time. Please contact the Registrar at to change your player(s) tryouts.

When will the Spring 2018 season start and end?
The planned start date (date of first games) for the Spring 2018 season is the second week of February 2018. The last games for Softball will be the beginning of May and the last games for Baseball will be the end of June. Please note all dates are subject to change.

If I have a conflict in practice days, where and when do I make that request?
You can note one conflict during the online registration process. If you register at walk-in, you can tell the personnel in the tryout booth. There is no guarantee of team placement even with a conflicting practice day. No team movement after draft.

When and where will the team practice? How often can we expect to practice each week?

During spring baseball and softball there are no practices held on the William S. Hart Baseball & Softball complex. All practices will be held offsite at various facilities around Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas. Practices will generally be held at least once per week. Practice locations and times will be determined by the manager and/or coaching staff after the drafts are complete.

When will the games be held?
Games will be held each day during the week (after 4:00 PM) and also on weekends as early as 8:00 AM and through the day. Your team will play at least once a week; however, there may be instances where your team could play twice in one week. The appropriate division commissioner will release the schedule for play a minimum of one week prior to the first scheduled game.

When will I find out which team my child is on?
Drafts are scheduled to be held the week of January 22, 2018 – You will be contacted directly by your team manager, coach or team parent following drafts with more information on the season.

If I have specific questions concerning the division that my child will be in, who should I contact?
Contact the appropriate league director. You can find their emails on our webpage under the ‘Directors’ link on the left side of this page.

I would like to manage a team this season. How do I go about becoming a manager?
Please go to the ‘League Info’ section of the website and download the Manager’s Application. Once you have filled it out, email a copy to the League Director of the division in which you would like to manage. The list of League Directors along with their email addresses can be found on the ‘Directors’ page of the website.

What if I need to cancel my child’s registration?
You may cancel your registration at any time up until the draft/team assignment process is complete. If your registration is canceled before tryouts have begun, there will be a refund reduction of $30 per canceled registration. If your registration is canceled once tryouts have begun (9:00 am, January 7, 2016) there will be a refund reduction of $100 per canceled registration. Once drafts/team assignments are complete, there will be NO refunds will be given. These policies are for both online and walk in registrants. To cancel your registration, please contact our League Registrar – Michelle Cho at

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